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BioMeta is a database of metabolites and metabolic reactions. Its contents are largely based on the KEGG Ligand database. Compared to the KEGG database, a large number of chemical structures have been corrected with respect to constitution and stereochemistry. Our aim is to arrive at a database with correct representations of molecules and reactions. About 1,500 molecular structures have been corrected and about 55% of the unbalanced reactions have been "balanced". Currently, the contents of the BioMeta database are based on version 36 of the KEGG Ligand database (October 25, 2005) but an update is underway.

The interface to the database is meant to be intuitive, but extensive help pages are also provided.

In accordance with the stipulations for the KEGG data, academic users may freely use this web site. Non-academic users may also use this web site as end users, but any form of distribution is not allowed.

Enter the BioMeta database (Java required)

You may wish to visit the database download area to review and/or download the BioMeta database "flat" files.

For information on the validation:


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